Why this is important to bee a volonteer?

Volunteering – helping others without any benefit to help not materially and effectively. Also – a new circle of friends and acquaintances, self-development and self-realization, here you can learn how to work as a unit, as a team, learn to be responsible not only for themselves but also for your fellowmen.

You want to help a fellowmen? You want to be helpful to others? You want to work in a team? You can teach something to others? You can listen and keep talking? Can you be the focus of? You are active and fun? Do you have an interesting hobby? You have lots of ideas? You are responsible? Then you definitely need to be on our team.

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Why should I become a volunteer?

Voluntary – is a vocation brought joy and happiness to those who need it is a vocation that is independent of gender, age, education, financial status. So if you want to carry kindness and enjoy it and get appreciation from people you helped – welcome to our friendly “family”.

Helping fellowmen, you get a lot of advantages for yourself:

– ll`learn to be responsible, organized

– ll`learn to work in a team

-ll`feel themselves needed and important, become self-reliant

– ll`change your life and get invaluable experience

– ll`learn to communicate with different people.

Why do people become volunteers?

– My time spent in organizing the “Open Heart” shows that everyone has their own motivation. Someone came here to find new friends. Others came to spend time very well and usefully.

Some volunteers come to feel a confidence and realize that nothing is impossible, just have to believe in ourselves. Still others – to share their love and learn something from others. But all of us are united by only one goal – to make the world a kinder and better.

“Volunteering for me – it is an expression of love! It is a relationship in which someone makes useless another same way – accepts! This free relationship. Why I became a volunteer – the answer probably lies in the first sentence – everyone needs love; so as to give it and receive it. In organization “Open Heart” in view of many years, each volunteer receives it more than gives off. There I met wonderful people who have a lot to learn. They are courageous and open, intelligent and funny, sincere and loving, each of them a particular and volunteer with them learning to see in person – especially a man, appreciate her feelings and emotions! Volunteering helped me assess the value of a person, no matter who it is! Thank you all for this “Open Heart”

Natalia, 8 years as volunteer of organization “Open Heart”


Why I became a volunteer? – I heard that there is such an organization, decided to try, come acquainted with all the tried and stayed … Why I left? – because people … because of wonderful people, volunteers and participants – funny, sincere, and perhaps native. With them you can quickly forget that you carry out some work. Participants become your friends and you just helping a friends”

 Maksym, 8 years as volunteer of organization “Open Heart”


“Why I became a volunteer?

– Because it is a manifestation of  obedience for fellowmen. Appears the feeling that you are doing something important;

– It’s a good experience in communicating with different people;

– A new acquaintances, new people with whom You can share something good and take from them a lot of useful;

– It is a means to make this world better.”

Oleg, 5 years as a volunteer of organization “Open Heart”


“Do not know how to surprise myself already, so decided to come to a meeting of young people with special needs. However long hesitated, but still dared and thought ‘have ever will be reckoned’ went to a meeting of organization “Open Heart”. Impressions were very hoo, it was very difficult to look at young people with special needs, in the heart was a bunch of regret, I wanted to cry, but knew it would be useless, then wanted to communicate, but was embarrassed and scared and did not know how to behave … But such feelings were only at the first meeting. Now I understand that if I had not feel sorry for them, but myself, as young people with special needs, they are different. They are kinder, more sincere and they know how to love truly and appreciate life and they have other, better values Now organization “Open Heart” is  a lot of friends, a lot of positive experiences, impressions,  a lot of good memories and a lot of instructive lessons for life for me. I’m happy with you! Thank you, that you are with me”

Galya, 9 years as a volunteer of organization “Open Heart”


“It happened in the third year of my studying at the University. The girl from  our company told that there is a community where people with special needs and volunteers get together to socialize and hanging out. And with it, I hit on one such meeting in the center of the city. I got one of these meetings in Lviv downtown along with her.

Since that time there have been many meetings, various events, trips to the sea and the Carpathians. Generally decades have passed which Public Organization celebrated in 2016. Today, when I asked what volunteering is for me, it is difficult. to find words that would describe my feelings the best way.

First of all, this is an opportunity help people. Also it is a way of self-organization. But most importantly, here I have met the boys and girls who became my friends.”

Roman. 10 years as a volunteer of organization “Open Heart”



In summer 2007 I first came to the organization. Although my brother went there for a long time. And I postponed. And when I came there, I remember meeting like today. It was at  the open-air museum “Shevchenkivskyi Hay”.Were a lot of members and volunteers. And I really liked all of them are positive, kind and eventually all become a family of my heart …

Finally I got rid of my depression which lasted over a year. I am very grateful for it all. Meetings were fabulous, many trips, sincere and open people.”

Oryslava, 20 years as volunteer of  organization “Open Heart”


Become volinteer

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