What we've done for 11 years?
NGO "Open Hearts"

Thanks to  support of kind, talented people with a sincere, caring hearts, we were able to implement and successfully organize for our participants:


trips to the sea


trips for 1 -3 days


trip abroad




meetings in Lviv, which we organized for participants


Master -classes

How can you help us?

Volunteering help

Free consultations and master –classes

Sponsorship contributions

What help we need now?

“Kindness – the highest value of our lives. Yes, this is the quality that is so cheap, but appreciated so much. It can not be bought for any money to drop it being brought up since childhood “

If you visited this page, most likely you are  looking for an opportunity cooperate with us. Even if you can not support us financially, you can help as a volunteer. If you have a talent you too can share. For example, you can give an interesting workshop and disclose secrets of your skills. Previously, we had workshops on painting Easter eggs, chocolate making, cooking in the Jewish café, Skrabbuking and felting. You can also arrange to us something interesting. We also need  financial support. By making your contribution You’ll help us to make more meetings in Ukraine and to widen activities of the organization “Open Heart”.

Thanks to your donationswe are able to:


  • To involve more participants to the club. Thus more people in wheelchairs and people with mental disorders can lead an active lifestyle (visiting public places, often to be with friends.
  • Organize more meetings in the city. Your donations will help us to make the meeting more often and will enable to diversify it. (More attending theaters, museums, cinemas, swimming pool).
  • Make our summer vacation more diverse. Thanks to additional donations we can make summer camp in the Carpathian Mountains or the sea. Also we will have an opportunity in organization of rest abroad.

We would appreciate any help and just for the opportunity to be your friend.

Join Us!

How can you help us financially?

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