“We are confident that together we will be able to make Ukraine, its infrastructure, transport, entertainment, healthcare, cultural and other institutions accessible and convenient for people with disabilities”

Vision – We were created to change and become agents of change in attitude to people with disabilities among those who are with us every day!

Mission – Our mission – to help the formation of an inclusive society, open to people with disabilities.

Objectives – Our initiative team united to achieve specific practical steps and implementation of the results that will make Lviv and Ukraine more accessible, comfortable and open to people with disabilities. And we also aim not words, but deeds to overcome negative stereotypes regarding people with disabilities who, unfortunately, existing in Ukrainian society for a long time.

Inspiration –  It is important for each person to be socially adapted and benefit others. That is why we are so inspired to help our friends with special needs to get out into the world and to surprise it by our  talents. We have a lot to show the world and prove that despite the problems it is necessary to develop your own talent!.

First trip to the sea

25 jun -6 july 2007
Zaozerne Krimea Ukraine
In June 2007 we went to the camp at sea for first time. This was after Natalia`s meeting with our sponsor in November 2006.

How we went in the Carpathians by train for first time

19 jun th 2007
v. Hrebeniv
June 17 2007, we went in the Carpathians by train for first time. Majority of us then. saw the mountains for first time. we were accompanied by 10 volunteers.

Summer recreation camps. Evpatoria Autonomous Republic of Crimea 2008

3-17 August 2008
Zaozerne Crimea, Ukraine
In this article we will share with you the memories of an unforgettable stay in Evpatoria city. Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

Trip to castles of Lviv region (July 2009)

16 th july 2009
Lviv oblast
In July 2009 we went on a day trip - a tour castles of Lviv region. We were able to see the three castles: Olesko, Pidhirtsi and Zolochiv. Olesko Castle - a magnificent ancient building of the XIV century.

How “Open Hearts was created?

17th september 2009
NGO "Open Hearts" was created September 17, 2009. The founders were Olga Bryndas, Ostap Stadnyk and Natalia Taralchuk. The main reason for the establishment of the organization was the need for legal documents for applying to various charitable foundations need to have their own account for the possibility of receiving donations and

Trip to Kamenets -Podilskyy and Khotyn (September 2009)

In September of 2009, we spent two wonderful warm days on trip to Kamenets -Podilskyy and Khotyn. Kamenets -Podilskyy - beautiful old town, which is justly called the flower on the stone. We remember a tour for long.
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