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In order to change attitude to disabled people

Join us!How we did this?

Made dreams

“For me it is a great opportunity to learn about the world in all its Colors with best friends that help me to be active.”

With the support of all team of friendly people with a sincere, open heart surgery, I discovered picturesque places of my native Ukraine !. I visited many interesting events: concerts, exhibitions, workshops and more. Friends, thank you that you are!

“It is always a special time when we learn something interesting and useful, developing creativity travel, learn history and culture of our native land, strengthening own health, openly communicate, exchange views, have fun and relax … Just open your heart, you can feel the beauty of life.”

“Open Heart” – an association, rather symbiosis of very different people, disabled and quite healthy, those who need help to get out of the house, and those who have too much energy and want to spend it usefully. They found each other, and everyone has received from communion something very valuable thing for themselves.

Who we are?

“People with opened hearts”

Team of initiative people with an active civil and existential position that united not only to changed for the better attitude towards people with disabilities, but also discovering new picturesque places of Ukraine and the world, giving each other the joy of communicating in a circle of real friends.

Non-profit public organization “Open Heart” was founded in 2009. Now members of the organization 15 people are diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and 15 volunteers that help us overcome various architectural barriers, stairs, ramps, etc. during our walks the streets of our native city, or unforgettable journeys in Ukraine and abroad that have already become a reality.

But the most important is the unique friendly atmosphere of mutual support during our meetings, which take place once a month. It is interesting excursion or a concert or theatrical performances or visiting cinema.

Our volunteers – people who already have more than 10 years of professional experience rehabilitative assistance to people traveling in a wheelchair. Thanks to their support, we have visited the highest point of the Mukachevo castle “Palanok” beautiful waterfall “Schypit” saw unrivaled beauty of mountain pearl of the Carpathians – Lake “Synevyr” felt mysterious wine cellars of Transcarpathia… So we hope the most interesting – ahead!

Become our friend

We are waiting for YOU!

Volunteers help us, because each of them wants to be by all means necessary and useful in the world … Even the smallest help for everyone – great evidence of true friendship and humanity, which is so necessary for each of us in a world where everyone used to live alone!

Why volunteers helps us?

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Video of volunteers in the organization

 Unforgettable moments

This time we will tell you how members of the club “Open Heart” visited recreation and rehabilitation center “Yubilyat” in Poland. The camp took place from 10 to 17 August 2015. We visited in Wisla, located near the Czech border. In the center of the participants and volunteers offered an interesting program of leisure amenities. We were able to visit a variety of complex procedures. According to the prescription we received the following treatments: hand massage, whirlpool, rhythmic gymnastics, magnetic therapy, cryotherapy, various electroprocedure, pool and baths. It was a great opportunity to improve our health and relax. Besides treatments we had a great opportunity to visit a dance evening, where live music was played. We were in a good mood and remained great memories.

To see the beauty of the surrounding mountains, we all together decided to climb up on a lift. For this we went into town Ustron and climbed the mountain Chantoriya height of 990 meters. For many of us it was the first such trip to the mountains. On the mountain we were able to visit the cafe or ride on the summer toboggan track.

Trevel to Poland



Our best project

Transcarpathia – one of the most picturesque parts of Ukraine. This is the real cradle of cultures, where under one roof can live people who at home speak Hungarian. Here, 2 -4 July 2016, we spent three unforgettable days in the village. Vary, located a kilometer from the Ukrainian-Hungarian border. Living in the middle of the Hungarian family was very nice and all of us feel a real home comfort and was not just tourists who come for the night. But in addition to tasty Hungarian dishes “Torkuni” “Kettle” “lángos” We are waiting for a lot of other surprises. Grand Palace Shernborn – true romance place in Transcarpathia. It is surrounded by a real botanical garden with various trees, a healthful source  and other wonders of nature.

У винних погребах заводу Леанка

Our future performances

Party in style karaoke

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– Interesting contests

– great music

– favorite Ukrainian, Russian and English hits

– jokes, surprises and a pleasant company.

Your good mood – the best gift for us.

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