You want to feel like a magician? Then you have come to the right place.

In section “Dream” everyone who comes to this page to able to realize some dreams of his friend in a wheelchair (member of our club.) You can view dreams CLICING HERE

After an action everyone can to see your own name in the list of benefactors that helped someone’s dream come true. It is known that audio books invented as aid for blind, but now quite a lot of people  enjoyed it simply because it is quite convenient. The same can be said of ramps, because they are used not only people with disabilities but also the old grandmother and mother of the baby carriage. Therefore, inventing new life hacking, you will not only make life easier for people with limitations, but also for those who want to make their lives easier and comfortable.

Computer – it is  most useful device for me because it is difficult to me write myself, and when there was no computer, I replaced it by typewriter. I believe that everyone can find lifehak that can significantly make life easier – just all of us need something.

Ihor Zinchuk

Ceiling Track Lift Systems It is a help in everyday life and movement for disabled

The impossibility of free movement even in your own apartment is one of the most common problems. An effective solution to this situation may be ceiling track lift system for disabled, It is a help in everyday life and movement.

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“In Ukraine, the state ignores discrimination against people with disabilities” – Ukrainian Helsinki Union

“In Ukraine, the state ignores the discrimination against people with disabilities”, human rights activists from the Ukrainian Helsinki Union of Cherkasy Region, who, together with activists of the NGO “Volunteers of Cherkassy Region”, have conducted such inspections and investigations on the territory of the region to such an unfavorable conclusion.

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Recommendations to ensure the availability of bathroom in the apartment building for a person who uses a wheelchair

Guided by legislative, regulatory and legal acts, as well as personal experience, I want to share a small list of standards, norms and practical tips for setting up an adapted bathroom space for people with musculoskeletal problems.

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Review of the book by Nick Vuichich “Life Without Limits”

The book will be useful to everyone who, having fallen into a difficult life situation, would like to revive in his own heart a tiny ray of hope for the better, to see new opportunities in familiar circumstances that can not be changed or overcome.

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World’s first inclusive water park opened in the United States

The water park is a favorite place for children and adults in summer heat. Now children with disabilities who live or travel in the US also have this opportunity, because the world’s first inclusive water park opened in the United States.

New water park is called Morgan`s Inspiration Island, opened in San Antonio, Texas in June this year.

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Сollection of clothes for people with special needs was presented by the US designer Derek Lem

Fashion is becoming more accessible to people with special needs. The well-known designer Derek Lem presented his collection of clothing. This idea was helped by the students of School of Design, Pratt Institute and the Fashion Institute of Tehnology. The initiative was implemented as part of the Design for Disability Derek Lam is its author […]

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Lifehaks for bathroom

The best lifehacks for bathrooms to help make disabled person`s life easier. In this article we will tell you about the best inventions for a bathroom without which the life of disabled people is not complete

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