Talent – this invaluable gift of God which each of us should be proud and grateful for it. People with disabilities also have a lot of bright talent, one can not imagine his life without music and songs, someone wrote poems, someone embroiders bead true picture.

There are also those who in spite of severe form of disease not obey fate – when you can not hold a brush in your hands, the feet are also useful. Gains from the sale of works can not be quite large, but the soul of each of us seeks specific expression – art and this is not the worst option to achieve this.

But not only creative hobby can be considered a real talent. We have friends, volunteers who prepare tasty dishes, always able cheer up during difficult moments in life and just managed to keep the joke during rest or support common team spirit when it becomes difficult.

We always feel their friendly shoulder and support, and most importantly their sincerity. They created our sense of equality with each other and in their company we do not feel different.

Agree – this is also true talent.

Talents are different – among us are those who have exotic hobbies, such as drawing up horoscopes, green tourism in the mountains, or various psychological tests for friends. Each of us – a big piece of puzzle called “Open Heart” and together we are creating a community of sincere friends whose talents make a better world around.

Natalya Taralchuk

Bohdan Zukovskyi

Bogdan Zhukovsky is not a permanent member of the “Open Heart”, and just once took part of our trip to the Carpathians.

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Texts about Yuriy Shatruk

Today we`ll tell you about two talented guys who can create works of art. Jura Shatruk became a member of our organization in September 2012, having gone with us on a two-day trip to the Shack.

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Anna Zv`yazok

We have recently come back from the camp and before we write you the report I would just like to share emotions and feelings, which I am sure, overwhelm every participant and the volunteer. First of all let me say thank you for all you have done to us, for your financial support, for your […]

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Ruslan Mamchak

Ruslan Mamchak “had a good sense of humor, was a translator, wrote sensual poems ” Ruslan was our friend … He was humorous, funny, talented, engaged in translation of theological texts.

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Yra Kovalevskyj

The first time I saw Yura during one of hodotons which was arranged educational – Rehabilitation Center “Dzherelo”.It was around the late 90’s,early 2000-ies. But since hodoton involved a large number of people to talk and become better acquainted was not possible.

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Ostap Stadnyk

My acquaintance with Ostap took place in recreational games. However, at that time he did not remember me.

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Text about Oksana Shyposh

I got acquainted with Oksana Shyposh in 1999 at a camp in Truskavets. It is always interesting to me to talk about life with her, because Oksana inspired many people by own example. She is  among of first, despite her diagnosis, entered college at faculty of social pedagogy. Successfully completed studies and started to work […]

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